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Top Tips to Planning Your 2023 Digital Marketing Budget

Top Tips to Planning Your 2023 Digital Marketing Budget

Are you thinking about your 2023 digital marketing budget for the new year? If you haven’t, there is no better time than now to dive right in! When planning your budget, keep VGM Forbin’s online digital marketing services in your foresight. For now, we’ll jump right in with our top digital marketing tips to help you pre-plan for the year ahead.

As marketing channels continue to evolve year after year, here is what is important to consider when strategizing.

  1. Deep Dive into Your Existing Marketing Budget
    Take a look at your current marketing budget from the previous calendar year. Be sure to view your Google Analytics Reports, Custom Reports or Saved Reports that you have stored on GA.  Also, comb through all of your Social Media Platforms Dashboards and any other pertinent data you find necessary from the last 365 days. Gathering information and compiling reports can easily become overwhelming but know this detail will help you gain a higher understanding of your marketing costs and expenses to consider as you make decisions for 2023.
  2. Prioritize Your Goals and Objectives
    Every marketing plan consists of a set of goals and objectives for your marketing team to measure performance. When prioritizing your goals, consider all the objectives you want to focus on and allow that to help guide your spending.

    Are you looking to build brand awareness or acquire new customers by increasing the total number of new visitors to your website? Or would you like to increase the customer experience? In addition, you may want to rank higher in Google search results or improve conversion rates. Once you have outlined goals you’d like to focus on, this will allow you to pinpoint where to maximize your next year’s efforts.
  3. What is Working or Not Working?
    If you’ve achieved your goals, that is wonderful! If something is going well, keep doing what is working! You can also connect with a digital marketing strategist to align your goals with new marketing trends! If you did not achieve your previous goals and have not hit your key performance indicators, it’s time to reconsider your strategy with digital marketing.
  4. Enhance Your Digital Marketing
    VGM Forbin helps build and manage strategies online for your business to succeed. Allow us to help you flourish in 2023 by enhancing your digital marketing. We can do this by assisting you with expanding your customer base and fostering current relationships while bringing more qualified leads to your door.

VGM Forbin provides the following marketing services that might be right for your business to help give an extra boost:

We Can Help!

Contact our team if you’d like to chat about your digital marketing needs for 2023! We are happy to assist your team with their digital marketing budget and cost-effective marketing services you can focus on.