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How Web Marketing Services can Enhance Your HME Business in 2021

How Web Marketing Services Can Enhance Your HME Business in 2021

If you own a small business, the most important thing you can do in 2021 is amp up your online marketing. More and more people are spending extra time on their phones and computers and less time around others in person, making it vital that you get your name out there on the web. As you know, it’s hard to know what to believe and what to do when it comes to online marketing, so we’re here with a little true and false to show you how to enhance your HME business online this year.

TRUE or FALSE: SEO only needs to be updated once.

FALSE! Updating your SEO, including your keywords and metadata, can dramatically increase your website’s traffic resulting in a higher organic search engine result. Not only does it boost the quantity of people on your website, but by adding these specific words and keeping them up to date with the latest products and services you offer, you also get better quality traffic that will have a higher chance of resulting in a sale.

TRUE or FALSE: Facebook is the most used platform for older adults.

TRUE! Facebook is the leading social media platform for seniors (and almost all adults) making it the best platform to promote your home medical equipment and services on. In a study comparing seniors ages 65+ and the social media they use, over 40% of seniors use Facebook, while less than 10% of seniors use Instagram, LinkedIn & Twitter. However, seniors aren’t the only ones to focus on when using social media platforms. It’s shown that over 80% of the entire US population uses social media, making it a great way to market your business to people of all ages.

TRUE or FALSE: If my site ranks well organically, I don’t need paid Google ads.

PARTLY TRUE. The key to successful inbound marketing is to be found in the moments that matter. A strong SEO strategy can take you a long way. There are searches along the entire customer journey that might help a prospective buyer get closer to purchase. For instance, a person might Google symptoms without an idea of what the solution might be. They may search for the general product category without a clear idea of why to choose one solution over another. They may compare competing products. And ultimately, a search for your business name might get them straight to you where they make a call. If your organic presence covers each of those needs, many leads will undoubtedly find you. However, even with the full array of searches covered very well organically, there are some things you can only do with paid search.

First, there are often positions above the organic results. Your great organic presence can’t keep a competitor from taking those positions. You will lose some good opportunities to paid advertisers that way. Second, for organic search listings, search engines can show any copy and take the user to any page they deem relevant. With paid SEM ads, you can mold the ad copy to display your best features, and you can choose which page the clicker lands on. Together, those benefits can give you a better chance to acquire that lead.

TRUE or FALSE: People only use Google listings to see things like hours and your phone number.

FALSE! While Google listings are often used to look up simple things like operating hours and contact information, these listings are also widely used for writing reviews which can have a huge impact on which business a customer will choose. It’s important to get customers to review just how great you are to help boost your business - but be sure to also keep your Google listing current so people are aware of when and where they can visit you!

As you can see, there are endless possibilities when it comes to online marketing and how it can benefit you. Now that you know just how beneficial web marketing can be for your small business, let’s get started promoting your business in 2021! If web marketing seems overwhelming to you, we offer services in social media, reputation management, SEO and SEM to help build your brand and gain you the business you deserve this year. Reach out to a member of our team for a quote today.