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Who Cares About a Landing Page

Who Cares About a Landing Page

You may not think about your landing page when you're analyzing digital advertising results. The right landing page can make a successful search engine marketing campaign. Your ads make a promise. The landing page fulfills the promise.

Importance to the Searcher

Searchers turn to Google for their day-to-day search needs. When you create an advertisement for a specific product or service, you want to be the information they use to make a buying decision. More importantly, you want to elicit a certain action. The user needs a landing page experience that is easy enough to navigate. The specific information on the page must speak to the user's needs while guiding them to the next steps to complete the desired action. The searcher is counting on your landing experience to be relevant. Google doesn't want to disappoint the user.

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Importance to Google

Even for a paid search ad, Google determines how relevant you are for the search. This is measured using a quality score - a vague metric, considering the expected click-through rate, ad relevance to the landing page, and more. Quality score is one tool to help Google assess your advertisements and landing page. However, quality score is not the "golden measuring stick". A relevant keyword to ad to landing page experience may not always be the most productive ad.

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Importance to the Advertiser

You pay for interactions with your ad. You do not want to waste money on clicks that do not contribute to your desired goal. In order for your landing page experience to satisfy the user, the landing page should be easy to navigate and load quickly. It should also provide useful information for the user. The information should relate to the advertisement and make clear what actions to take next. Having a great landing page experience will benefit your potential customers and in turn, benefit your business.

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At VGM Forbin, we keep these concerns at the forefront as we design SEM and other pay per click campaigns. If you are interested in learning more about the web services we provide, please contact VGM Forbin today!

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