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Monthly Breach Deets  OakBend Medical Center Data Breach

The OakBend Medical Center, a healthcare provider, experienced a data breach from a hacking incident that resulted in theft and exposure. As stated by HIPAA Journal, this Texas medical center discovered its files had been compromised and encrypted on September 1, 2022.   

This cost OakBend Medical Center an estimated $12,410,750 in loss of reputational damage according to eRiskHub. Across the board, the costs included customer notification, crisis management, incident investigation, lawsuits, regulatory fines, and penalties.  

The data breach contained the following protected health information:  

  • Dates of birth  

  • Social Security numbers  

  • Names  

  • Contact information  

This data breach could have been prevented.  

What is the best way to prevent a data breach or cyberattack? Start by increasing awareness about cybersecurity and ensuring your team knows how serious a data breach is. It can easily happen to your business if you are unprotected. In the interim, follow these seven go-to steps we consistently use to help prevent data breaches. 

  1. Require secure passwords and multi-factor authentication  

  1. Conduct employee security awareness training  

  1. Never click on unverified links  

  1. Use a dedicated Wi-Fi network for your team that the public cannot access  

  1. Always keep your security software up to date  

  1. Scan emails for malware  

  1. Install security systems  

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