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Medical Equipment

A Woman Holds a Grab Bar Rail for Stability. Medical Equipment Like Grab Bars Can Promote Safety, Accessibility, and Independence.

What is Medical Equipment?

Medical Equipment can be any number of items that help a person stay safe, gain access, get around, manage a health condition, or heal. One distinguishing feature of medical equipment is that while it can be of hugely beneficial to someone with that particular health need, it might have very little use for someone without that same need. Medical equipment can be used in a clinical setting, within someone's home or otherwise in public. 

What are Different Types of Medical Equipment?

Durable Medical Equipment (DME) is equipment that is designed to last for multiple uses. Disposable Medical Supplies are intended for very few uses; in many cases disposable equipment is used once then discarded. Some equipment is specifically designed to be used at home. Those items are referred to as Home Medical Equipment or HME. Medical Devices may also fit the description of medical equipment. However medical devices are often used exclusively in hospital or clinics and can require more expert control and operation. 

Is HME Medical Equipment?

Yes, HME, Home Medical Equipment is one type of medical equipment designed to be used in a person's home or in a care facility that houses patients. 

Where can I Buy Medical Equipment?

Many medical equipment items can be bought virtually anywhere other products are bought. Pharmacies and superstores carry a number of items. However, a local home medical equipment store will