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Is Wix the Right Choice for a Medical Website?

Is Wix the Right Choice for a Medical Website?

Healthcare providers don’t get into the healthcare industry to become marketing extraordinaires. You got into this industry to help people with their health needs. Whether that’s with a medical degree or certification that allows you to diagnose and treat patients or you saw a need for quality medical equipment in your area— you likely didn’t open up shop out of excitement about building a website. Don’t worry, we did! As a marketing provider for healthcare providers across the nation, here are our two cents about using Wix for medical websites.

Benefits of Wix for Small Businesses

Build-your-own website platforms like Wix or WordPress do have a few advantages for small business owners. One of the largest advantages of utilizing Wix is that it’s a very simple platform to build your own website. Users can pick their website template from a gallery of simple designs and then utilize the plug-and-play technology to drag and drop text or images. Since you aren’t paying professionals to build or maintain your website, this is also a more affordable option in general. So, if you’re a tech-savvy individual who feels confident in building a great website experience, this could be a good option for you. However, there are several cons to building your own website that we’ve noticed when working with healthcare providers over the last decade.

Why We Don’t Recommend Wix for Medical Websites

Most of the cons for building a medical website with Wix or WordPress stem from the fact that you already have a full-time job running a business or practice! Here’s what we mean:

  1. When you build the website yourself, it’s all on you to complete the project. Building a website yourself, on top of the fulltime job you already have, can drag on and on because your top priority will always be your clients and patients. When you’re the client for a web development company, you’re the top priority! With a web development company, you can rely on an expert team to keep the project moving even during your busiest time of the year. With Forbin, we ensure that website clients get a kick-off call to meet our team and have several opportunities to approve or request changes before the website goes live. But you as the client don’t have to do anything more!

  2. There is little support when you’re struggling to execute your vision. If you don’t work with websites every day, it’s a huge learning curve to build your own website— even with the world’s easiest platform. If you get stuck and can’t figure out how to update the template, images, or other elements the way you want, the support is very limited. Since there isn’t a dedicated team helping with your project, you’ll need to reach out to a random customer care representative who doesn’t know your business, or you’ll just get a canned response without any investigation into your issue.

  3. You can’t guarantee HIPAA compliance. This is another issue that comes from not working with websites every day. When you’re not familiar with online HIPAA compliance regulations, it’s overwhelming and a bit risky to create a website all on your own. If your website collects personal health information (PHI) in any way, HIPAA compliance is required. As a web, IT and marketing provider for the healthcare industry, VGM Forbin has been keeping businesses HIPAA-compliant for over a decade. Our website platform is secure for collecting PHI and we make regular security updates to go above and beyond standard HIPAA guidelines.

Before you choose to build your own website, talk to us about our affordable medical website templates. While we have three pre-made layouts based on your business’s goals, we have a team of user experience (UX) designers, writers and developers that will create the website for you. Each layout is adjusted to fit your brand and always made with your goals in mind. Whether you want to sell products, get more online form submissions or book more appointments, our experts know exactly how to make that happen.

Fill out the form below to get a demo or read this blog to see what the process is like when you work with us on your medical website.