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How to be a Resource for Your Community During COVID-19

Anyone else losing their minds right now? Yeah, us too. The COVID-19 crisis seemingly came from nowhere, forcing individuals and businesses to lock their doors and stay home. Instead of losing focus during such a scary and uncertain time in our country, let’s channel our energy into becoming a resource for our communities. This will not only help you build relationships during the current crisis, but will build a positive reputation long-term.

Keep Your Business Information Up-to-Date

There’s nothing more frustrating for a customer than looking up a business online, only to find that their information isn’t accurate. As safety concerns force you to adjust everyday operating procedures, be sure that new information is reflected on social media accounts and your Google My Business page.

Relevant information to update:

  • Hours of operation

  • Locations that are closed or open

  • After hours phone numbers

  • Telehealth information (if applicable)

If you don’t have a Google My Business account, we can help. We can’t emphasize enough how important it is for your business to show up with accurate information in Google’s search results. This will help your customers find what they need with minimal stress.

Post Tips on Social Media

Even as restrictions begin to lift in certain states, many are still choosing to stay home to protect themselves and their families. This makes social media one of the easiest ways to communicate and provide helpful information for your community.

Tips to Share for Healthcare Providers:

  • COVID-19 updates from the CDC (make sure what you’re posting is the most up-to-date info)

  • How to clean DME and HME equipment at home

  • Exercises to do at home

  • Your business’s telehealth information

  • How to get your products shipped or delivered to their door

Tips to Share for Financial Institutions:

  • How to sign up for and utilize online and mobile banking

  • Advice on refinancing a home while the interest rates are low

  • Advice on shopping for home loans and mortgages while prices and interest rates are low

  • Options available for people facing financial hardship

Tips to Share for Other Local Businesses:

  • How to access your products from home/online

  • Fun ways to stay sane using your products at home

  • How to go about no-contact deliveries

Email & Call Clients to Check In

This is the perfect time to show your customers that you care. Send a personal email, call or do both just to ask how you can help. Personalize a call script or email with the customer’s name and any information you may have for them. For example, reach out to everyone who utilizes a specific product or service and ask how it’s going for them. Then move onto the next group of customers. Feel free to use the text below to get started.

Example Email:

Hi [First Name],

I just wanted to check in and see how you are doing during this stressful time. If there is anything we can do to assist you and your family, please let us know. Here is a list of ways we can help your household while you stay safe at home.

  • Healthcare Ex: Automatic prescription or product refill

  • Financial Ex: Mobile banking, transfers and deposits

  • Other Ex: Video calls to enhance your at-home experience with our product

Provide Support for the Front Lines

Brainstorm ways to help your local hospital workers during this hectic time. If you carry necessary equipment such as respirators, oxygen tanks, or personal protective equipment (PPE), channel your resources to local hospitals with COVID-19 units. If your company doesn’t carry medical equipment, think of ways to show your appreciation for healthcare professionals who are treating coronavirus patients.

A few ideas include:

  • Discounts for hospital staff

  • Care packages or cards for customers in the healthcare field

  • Express gratitude on social media

Start a Fundraiser for Local Families

Many companies maintain long-lasting relationships with their customers and keep track of families throughout the years as their needs evolve. If you know of any customers who are struggling to make ends meet right now, consider organizing an event on Facebook to help them out.

Events to host:

  • Food drive

  • Grocery rotation

  • Monetary donations

Whether you have one location, or your company reaches across the country, we’re all tied to our local communities. We recommend doing anything you can from the above list to help your community in its time of need. A business that is tied to its community is trusted by its customers.