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Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Metrics You Should Know

Google Analytics (GA4) Metrics You Should Know

Your website’s analytics tell the story of the people who have visited your site or utilized your app. Although there are many different pieces that make up the overall puzzle, there are a few metrics that can give you some helpful insight into how your website is performing. VGM Forbin’s experts have compiled a list of Google Analytics 4 (GA4) metrics that we think you need to know. Join us today as we explore GA4 metrics and how they contribute to your overall website data analysis.  


This is the total number of unique visitors who interacted with your page over a given amount of time.   

  • In GA4, you can now mark each unique customer who visits your website, so they are still counted as one unique visitor even if they use different devices, such as a laptop and phone. 


This is a measurement of the visiting volume or how many times a single user has interacted with your site over a given amount of time.   

  • In GA4, if the same user comes from a different traffic source, no new session is started, allowing you to count website visitors more accurately. 

Engagement Rate  

New to GA4, this metric helps to identify how engaged your website visitors are with your site and is found by dividing engaged sessions by sessions. For a visitor to initiate an engaged session, they must meet one of these criteria:  

  • Their visit lasted longer than 10 seconds  

  • Their visit resulted in 1 or more conversion events  

  • Their visit resulted in 2 or more page or screen views  

Average Engagement Time  

Calculated by summarizing user engagement durations per active user, this shows you how long your website was being utilized by users. With this metric, you can find out whether your website has any errors, loading issues, and how user-friendly it is.   


This metric measures the number of times a certain page or app screen has been viewed. This allows you to determine which pages on your site are the most popular or how new changes could impact your visitors. It is important to note that this metric does not show you unique page views.   

Event Count  

This metric tracks how many events have been recorded on your website. This is useful if you want to track how many times visitors watch videos, fill out forms, or click links. By understanding the user's journey, you can figure out how to improve their experience on your site. 


Conversion measures how many times a visitor to your site completes a certain action that your business finds valuable such as filling out a form or completing a purchase. By tracking a customer’s journey on your site, you can work to improve the process and potentially increase your ROI.  

Conversion Rate  

Conversion rates are a quick way to determine whether your current campaigns are performing as you would like them to or if one channel is performing better than another.  

In GA4, there are two different types of conversion rates – User Conversion Rate (UCR) and Session Conversion Rate (SCR). UCR is a percentage of converted users. SCR is a percentage of sessions where a conversion happened. Note: it is normal to have a higher UCR than SCR as an individual user may have multiple sessions before the conversion happens.  

Connect with VGM Forbin about Your GA4 Metrics

The changes that Google is making to data collection and analytics are an exciting upgrade for our customers. Better data collection means a better understanding of your website visitors’ needs which will allow you to better your marketing efforts and target your desired audience. If you’re ready to see what your GA4 metrics can tell you about your site and want to know more, reach out to us today!