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Closed Feedback Loop for the Win

Closed Feedback Loop for the Win

A closed feedback loop to talk to customers who have either had an amazing or not so amazing experience will go a long way. 57% of consumers say that they would cease being loyal to a brand if their negative review goes unaddressed. (Source: Fundera) The data collected can be used to improve your company in so many ways.

How to Ensure Strong Reputation

Reputation is gold, especially now. Having an easy review process in place is a great way to highlight experiences and help address things that might need addressing within the company. Also, if you don’t have time or personnel to help monitor your business reputation online, VGM Forbin’s Reputation Plus+?service automates monitoring of online reviews and helps build up positive reviews on top sites like Google and Facebook.

How Does Reputation Plus+ Work?

With Reputation Plus+, you can encourage customers to share their positive reviews on online platforms like Google and Facebook to improve your business’s online reputation. VGM Forbin’s Reputation Plus+ service automates monitoring of online reviews, improves online presence and helps you always stay connected with your customers. The system sends emails and texts to your customer asking how the experience was. If the experience was good, then the customer is asked to leave a review on Google. If the experience was bad, a customer is directed to an internal form so they can leave their feedback without being asked to make it public.

Here is an overview of our Reputation Plus+:

The recipe for success: Take control of your digital destiny. Ask your customers for feedback. Capitalize on the data received from that feedback. Discover new revenue streams. Repeat.

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Written by: Lindy Tentinger - President of VGM Forbin