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Avoid the Stop, Drop and Roll with Managed IT Services

Avoid the Stop, Drop and Roll with Managed IT Services

Did you know that if a fire starts in your home you may have as little as two minutes to escape? Similarly, if a fire starts in your IT systems, your business can shut down immediately.

When a server hard drive goes bad unexpectedly, it can cost thousands of dollars to recover data on the drive. Even with recovery, 100% success is never guaranteed. A managed IT provider like VGM Forbin can help you avoid the “Stop, Drop and Roll” situation, keeping your business out of the flames entirely.

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Place a Smoke Alarm in Every Room

Being proactive in managing your business technology can not only prevent issues from happening that are costly to your business, but can also provide the peace of mind of knowing you are protected. Think of a managed IT provider as your smoke alarm. Monthly technical on-site checkups, network monitoring and ongoing software evaluations keep your business protected while you’re busy running the day-to-day. We constantly monitor for smoke and fix the issue before it turns into a fire.


Test Your Smoke Alarms Regularly

The United States Fire Association recommends you switch out your smoke alarm batteries every year, but we go beyond that: we have 24/7 support, on-site backup and recovery, as well as anti-virus and malware support. As a business owner and decision maker, knowing what you are going to pay every month for your IT services, regardless of the issue or the size of fire, allows you to spend your additional money on growing your business.

In addition, our team is prepared to be your partner in all online aspects of your business. We’re able to assist you in creating a strong online presence through social media, search engine marketing and website design and development. Being digitally visible can bring in some extra income by generating leads.

Fire Drill Prep

Communicate Your Fire Escape Plan

Your team is your biggest asset, but when it comes to IT protection, they can also be your biggest liability. From malicious email scams to properly securing data, Forbin can provide online education for your staff and create a plan to put out any fires that pop-up. No matter the size of your business or organization, we tailor a plan to your daily and long term needs.

When Flames Do Arise, Keep the Fire Contained

As your managed service provider, VGM Forbin will almost always know if something starts to fail before you or your customers do. Our team will react quickly to make sure the issue has been solved, and reduce the burns left on your business.

By reducing the downtime, you also reduce the risk of business shutdown. Firefighting your IT issues cost you more than just money. They can frustrate current customers trying to make a request and prevent prospects you don’t even know about from starting business with you.

Make your fire safety plan with VGM Forbin today.

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