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And the Addy Award Goes to...!

And the Addy Award Goes to...!

Its award season, and that doesn’t just apply to movie stars.

The Cedar Valley division of the American Advertising Federation just recently hosted their 2018 awards. Award categories range from Sales and Marketing to Ambient Media. This year, VGM Forbin was lucky enough to take home not one, but two awards!

Our first award was a silver ADDY for a business to consumer website we built for Home State Bank in Jefferson, Iowa.

The bank came to Forbin needing a change in their online presence and we delivered a solution to help them meet their goals, which included:

  • A website that would set them apart from other bank sites.
  • A local, warm, friendly approach that had more of a lifestyle context.
  • A more integrated approach to their branding for a cohesive feel throughout all marketing efforts

After it was all said and done, Forbin created a website that was user-friendly and kept to the unique brand standard that Home State Bank had already established with its customers. From teens and young adults to business owners and retirees, the website provided something for everyone.

But the fun didn’t stop there!

Forbin won another silver ADDY award for our Self-Promotion Integrated Marketing Campaign, “Something Bigger,” which was a central focus of the VGM Group’s annual Heartland Conference.

VGM Forbin was challenged with creating a campaign that would create excitement around the Retail Training Lab, a new feature at the 2017 VGM Heartland conference.

We created a campaign focused around the following goals:

  • Draw Heartland Conference attendees to the Retail Training Lab, located across the street from the convention center.
  • Engage attendees by having them place their LEGO® brick strategically to build a structure of an accessible home build in progress.
  • Generate excitement about the possibilities VGM Retail and VGM Forbin can provide to a home healthcare equipment business.
  • Build “Something Bigger” in support of the Homes for Our Troops organization.

Here’s How We Did It:

  1. Each attendee received a LEGO® brick in their conference welcome bag with a card detailing where to go to place their LEGO® brick to be a part of “Something Bigger.”
  2. Once at the Retail Training Lab, attendees were greeted by a large window mural of a wounded soldier standing in the sunset which resembled an American flag.
  3. The soldier was surrounded by bricks being built into a home, with the door made entirely of LEGO® bricks.
  4. Each attendee could place their LEGO® brick on the door in the name of someone they wished to honor.
  5. For each LEGO® brick brought over and placed onto the door, VGM Group Inc. donated $1 to Homes for Our Troops, totaling a donation of over $1500!
  6. Attendees were treated to several marketing strategies before, during and after the conference via display ads, social media posts and email marketing campaigns.

To learn more about how VGM Forbin can provide similar solutions for your business, browse other examples of our work.

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