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Add the eSign Module to Your Website

Add the eSign Module to Your Website

Gain Efficiency by Replacing Your Traditional Paper-driven Processes

We are proud to serve 900+ clients across healthcare, financial and numerous other industries. Despite the obvious differences between our clients, there are three big similarities in their needs:

  1. Efficiency in their internal processes centered on receiving and managing customer information on paper documents;
  2. Giving their customers the power to self-serve when it comes to finding, completing and submitting forms;
  3. Protecting the information provided on said paper documents and forms.

That is why we are thrilled to offer our new module for customers with Forbin websites -- eSign Document Signing.

The eSign Document Signing Module allows for your customers to electronically sign designated forms using a click, a mouse or finger (if using a touchscreen device). It replaces and streamlines your current pen-and-paper processes, with the added bonus of:

  • Advanced security features and tamper seals to ensure integrity of signatures
  • Audit trails to strengthen compliance and deter legal disputes
  • Flexibility that allows for custom tailoring of the platform to different business and department needs
  • Scalability that provides the right solution quickly and cost-effectively across your organization

Possible Use Cases

Businesses across industries require paperwork for all kinds of processes. The eSign Document Signing Module can be used to digitize almost any process requiring multiple paper documents.


  • Completing or changing beneficiary information for an IRA
  • Opening a checking or savings accounts
  • Applying for a loan
  • Signing loan closing documents


  • Equipment or pharmacy resupply orders
  • Signing for equipment or medication deliveries
  • Assignment of benefit for medical products billed through insurance
  • In conjunction with our Hospice Portal ordering system

The eSign Document Signing Module is integrated into your existing VPanel. No separate URL or login information to remember! You just provide us the background info on how you want to use the platform and the documents needed, and we take it from there.

Request a Demo – Be More Efficient!

The eSign Document Signing Module is available to Forbin clients across all industries. Request a demo and discovery meeting today by contacting your VGM Forbin account executive.