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Credit Union Website

[Case Study] Credit Union Website 

At VGM Forbin, we work closely with banks and credit unions to provide a user-friendly and secure website for their customers and members. All of our projects include:

  • UX-focused (user experience), mobile-responsive design
  • Content that is easy to consume, drives conversions and optimized for SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Optional enhancements to help customers and bank staff

Take a look at a recent website project we did for an Ohio credit union to see how we were able to meet their business goals with our website solution. We’ll call them OCU for short.

Website Goals

OCU wanted a solution that would allow customers to take full control of their financial journey with self-service products on their website. Ultimately, CSE wanted a simple solution to decrease the number of phone calls for their Customer Service team and increase the use of their online resources like online banking, mobile banking, mobile deposit, Bill Pay and blog articles.

Our Solution

After listening to the needs of OCU, VGM Forbin utilized our team of UX designers, UX writers and programmers to develop a website that met the goals above.

Here’s a list of updates our team chose to make for this new website:

  • Created an electronic services section where you can find all eservices in one place
  • Blog feed on the home page to help customers help themselves with finances
  • Callout to electronic services (and other top products) on home page
  • eBranch and enroll in eBranch buttons are in the header so users can navigate to them from any page
  • Simplified the Resource section
  • CTAs are mostly to fill out a form or application online, but the website still lets the audience know that in-person or over-the-phone contacts are also an option by adding a phone number in the header
  • Simplified the navigation for mobile first experience with a “hamburger” menu


Thanks to the website development strategy, SEM and social efforts, steady growth was seen when comparing the last six months before their website launched to the first six months after it launched. Compare the numbers below to see how the updates above improved the website’s overall performance and met OCU’s business goals.

July – December 2019

  • Online and mobile banking pages were not ranked in top 10
  • Unique page views: 316,618
  • Average time on page: 1:00
  • Goal completions: 6,771

January – June 2020

  • Online banking is ranked 2, mobile banking is 7
  • Unique page views: 443,290
  • Average time on page: 3:12
  • Goal completion: 245,726

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