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Why Small Businesses Need IT Support

Why Small Businesses Need IT Support

Small business owners are used to doing everything themselves. From managing employees, working with vendors, and making sure all customers’ needs are met, you do it all. We know that you can trust yourself, but there are some things that you shouldn’t handle yourself as a business owner. One of the most critical aspects of your business that you should trust to professionals is your IT operations. Working with the right IT provider means your business will have plans in place to protect data, keep your operations running, and make sure technology at your business is running smoothly.

Secure Your Operations

With a managed IT plan, you can improve security for your business and your customers. An IT provider can implement a plan that will encrypt your data, secure your firewalls and implement a disaster recovery plan when things go wrong. Key security elements of any IT plan include:

  • Installing anti-virus and malware protection software on all company devices
  • Training your employees on security best practices to avoid security threats
  • Router and firewall management
  • Off-site backups for recovery if there is a data breach or security threat

Embrace Efficiency

Your IT provider should also be able to implement changes that enhance the way you do business. This can include everything from support for your network and devices to improving the way your employees communicate and do their work. First, let’s look at what your IT team should do to offer you support.

Any IT provider’s goal should be to provide a plan that allows you to get the best possible services to fit your business’s budget. So, what should your IT provider be doing to support your business:

  • Provide on-site or a remote help desk
  • Regular on-site evaluations of your network and hardware
  • Develop a plan for upgrading old equipment

Finally, an IT service provider should be able to integrate software and applications that allow your employees to do their jobs more efficiently. At VGM Forbin our IT packages include:

  • Implementing Office365
  • Email support
  • Implementing plans to help move your employees to remote work
  • Adding Microsoft Teams instant messaging to allow your employees to quickly communicate

VGM Forbin’s IT team can manage all these elements to secure your business and add efficiency to the way your employee works. We’d be happy to discuss your business’s IT needs with you. Contact us today!