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What is Managed IT?

What is Managed IT?

At VGM Forbin, our goal is to help small businesses across the US thrive. Every service we offer is created as a way to partner with business owners to fill in the gaps on their staff or team wherever necessary. It’s typically a more affordable option to hire our team as an ongoing partner for responsibilities like social media, search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) instead of hiring a fulltime employee with a benefits package. Oh, and you don’t have to train us on anything because we’re already the experts!

The same is also true for our IT services. In the last year, VGM Forbin has expanded our IT services to include Managed IT. But Managed IT is a little less self-explanatory than the rest, so let us tell you exactly what this service entails and why so many businesses have already chosen to partner with us.

Start with a Free Needs Assessment

We know that every business and their staff is different. So, starting with a free needs assessment for anyone interested in ongoing IT assistance is the best way to determine how our IT team can help. The assessment is simply a consultation where we’ll ask you some questions about your current IT processes and hardware. During this conversation we will:

  • Establish IT assets that need to be protected
  • Ask what you are currently doing to protect those assets
  • Determine what more needs to be done to protect your assets, for example:
    • Multi-factor authentication for added login security
    • Setting up a VPN to track work that is done remotely
    • Setting up email encryption for sending sensitive data
  • Help you choose hardware that will serve your staff better, for example:
    • Laptops
    • Networking equipment
    • Battery backup units
  • Discover if there are any ways our team can streamline your processes, for example:
    • Avoid spam form submissions with reCaptcha spam protection

Once we have this information, you’ll receive a quote for the equipment, as well as monthly monitoring and support.

Delivery and Set Up for Hardware and Software

After you approve hardware and ongoing service recommendations, it’s time to get things set up! The VGM Forbin IT team will deliver all equipment directly to your office and install it, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. We’ll also test it out to make sure everything is ready to go before we leave your office. If your team needs training on a new piece of equipment or software, we can do that, too.

Download this infographic for examples of our top hardware:

Download Now

If your business is one that needs to stay compliant with HIPAA or SOC regulations, we’ll also take measures to make sure that happens. But you don’t have to have everything nailed down right away, the largest part of our Managed IT Services is the 24/7 Remote Support and ongoing IT monitoring. And that brings us to our next point...

Get 24/7 Remote Support

We call it remote support because you can access our IT team from anywhere. Not only will we regularly monitor your systems for security and compliance, but you can call or email our IT Help Desk at any time. When you reach out to us, one of two things will happen:

  1. We’re able to answer your question on the spot and we all walk away smiling
  2. We create a ticket to troubleshoot an issue, resolve that issue and we all walk away smiling

You should have our IT Help Desk information on all hardware you receive, but because we like to be extra helpful, we’ve listed it here as well:

IT Help Desk Phone: 888-641-6416

Web IT Help:

Computer/Email IT Help:

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  • Managed IT Services are great to assist or substitute a fulltime IT member on your staff
  • The service includes hardware delivery and set up, ongoing IT monitoring, 24/7 IT support