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What are Keywords & How do You Use Them?

What are Keywords & How to Use Them

Using Keywords to Up Your Organic Search Game

What is the key to showing up in web searches when potential customers are searching for your products and services? Is it a site with a killer design? No. Is it a site that loads really fast? It helps, but that’s not the most important thing.

So, what does it take to get customers to your website via a web search? The answer is pretty simple: Content that is infused with strong keywords that your potential customers are searching for. Keywords should be the building blocks of any page of content on your website. They are the foundation that you build your content around to make sure users can find you when they use even the simplest search terms in Google or other search engines.

What is a Keyword?

A keyword can be anything from a single word to a longer phrase that focuses your content and drives search traffic to your website. For example, if you are on one of your website’s service pages, think of simplest, most direct word that someone would search for if they wanted that product or service. That’s your first keyword for that service page. Then you can build the content of your page around that keyword and associated keywords.

Why are Keywords Important for Organic Search?

Simply put, keywords signal you want to be found for particular searches. Think of the way you use search engines like Google. You may enter a single term or a long question, but each search contains a cues that Google uses to search for relevant results to deliver to you as a user. Without building your content around keywords, your site will be passed over in favor of other sites that do provide relevant content with the right keywords.

How are My Online Ads Impacted by Keywords?

You should consider building your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) efforts the same way you build your page content. If your ad copy contains the keyword the user is searching for, you have a much higher likelihood of appearing in a search for that keyword. While writing good ad copy with the right keywords is important, you need to consider the landing page for that ad as well. If your ad is focused on a keyword, but the landing page the ad links to has nothing to do with the keyword you've chosen, your ad may not be shown very often. Relevance will help your SEM budget go further. The Google searches being conducted by your target customers should align with your keywords. Your keywords should show up in your ad copy. And the ideas in your ads should be a good preview of what those users will find on the landing page they see upon clicking your ad.

At VGM Forbin, we are experts in using keywords and online marketing.

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