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VGM Forbin Announces Vice President: Shannon Kofta

VGM Forbin Announces Vice President: Shannon Kofta

We’re thrilled to announce that Shannon Kofta will be re-joining our team as Vice President of VGM Forbin! In the new role, Shannon will align operations/development, marketing, and sales to impact the overall customer experience, brand awareness, and growth of all services in all the markets we serve.

Without a doubt, Shannon brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the role, with a proven track record of success. She came from being the Vice President of Marketing for HOMELINK and has done incredible things for the HOMELINK brand that VGM will be able to capitalize on. Shannon has vast experience across VGM and was formerly on the VGM Forbin team from 2014-2018. During that time at VGM Forbin, as the Senior Process Lead, she built great relationships with our internal and external partners while helping meet the needs of our clients. The bonus with Shannon is she comes with the perspective of a VGM Forbin customer and will help continue to develop strategies across customer touch points.

Her leadership and industry knowledge will be invaluable assets as we continue to grow and evolve where VGM Forbin is in the marketplace.

Our President, Lindy Tentinger said, “I couldn't be more excited for Shannon to take on this important leadership role within VGM Forbin. She brings many years of experience not only in web and digital marketing, but in the industries we serve. I will look to her to focus on the customer experience and creative oversight in everything we deliver to help grow our customers' businesses. This is another investment we are making to ensure every VGM Forbin customer becomes a raving fan!

Please join us in congratulating and giving a big welcome to Shannon. Our team is ready to reach new heights!