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Tips to Take Your Customers' Online Bank Experience to the Next Level

Tips to Take Your Customers' Online Bank Experience to the Next Level

In this digital world, it’s important that you provide a strong customer experience to those who interact with your bank online. As stated in Forbes, four out of five customers prefer to manage their finances digitally rather than in person. The world had already been shifting slowly to a digital banking experience, but once the pandemic hit, it shifted to third gear. This world we’re living in keeps changing, and now more than ever, it’s vital to make sure banks set themselves apart when it comes to their digital bank customers.

The banks that are successful are the ones who continue to have a more user-friendly and seamless experience when it comes to their customer journey. The ideal online banking experience is the sum of all client interactions that your customers perceive during their entire customer journey from start to finish.

Enhancing Your Customer Experience is Key!

How do your bank customers like to receive their information or any updates? Can they choose how you would like to receive information from your bank? Is it email, text or simply checking the latest bank information on the website? Do they follow your social media channels? This is pertinent information that you should know as their bank provider to help give your digital customer a unique, positive experience.

From start to finish, customers are wanting a seamless experience online. If your bank gives customers a positive experience, they will more than likely continue to do business with you.

Here are a few points to consider that all play a part in the customer journey:

  • Can customers find your bank website easily? When your customers search for your website on Google, it’s important for them to be able to find it easily. With proper SEO assistance, your bank can increase organic search traffic to your website and generate more customers which will lead to more business.

  • How quickly or slowly is the website response time? Run your site on Google’s PageSpeed tool to check the speed. Customers will leave if the site is taking too long.

  • Is the customer's experience just as great from each device? Does it adjust appropriately if the user is accessing from their cell phone, tablet or laptop? Is it mobile friendly if it’s on their cell phone?

  • Is there any confusion when a customer lands on your homepage?

  • Is there a strong call to action?

  • Do you want your customer to complete a Contact Form or send an email? Remember, the fewer clicks to achieve this, the better!

  • Is there a clear marketing message and does the messaging make sense?

  • Does it effectively portray your brand?

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

If your bank customers have a positive online experience, they will more than likely continue to do business with you and potentially recommend their friends to do so, too. That’s why it is so important to ask for feedback during the bank customer’s online journey as well as to listen to the feedback and respond back accordingly. Be transparent with your customers about the good, the bad and the ugly! There’s always a right way of sharing the bad or ugly such as what you have learned throughout the process so that bad experience doesn’t happen again.

  • Are you asking for feedback and how often are you asking for it?

  • Send them automated emails after they're done with their online banking experience.

  • Send out Net Promotor Score (NPS) surveys quarterly. An NPS score ranges from 1-10 and asks the customer if they would recommend the business to their friends.

Some or all these things mentioned above may seem overwhelming, but it just takes the right kind of web and marketing partner to execute. That’s where we come in!

We have a team that specializes in web development and marketing for the financial industry, so you know you’re in good hands. At VGM Forbin, we create custom website designs for each of our bank clients, and we follow a tested process that allows us to enhance the user experience, create more conversions and attract more organic searches.

If your existing website doesn’t create a great user experience and design with compelling content that allows your customers to get their banking business done, it may be time for an upgrade. Our account executives specialize in bank sites and can provide you with recommendations as to how we can improve your site. To get started, contact us by completing the form below.