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The Next Video Marketing Trends for 2022

The Next Video Marketing Trends for 2022

Video marketing is a highly effective strategy when trying to promote your brand or service. Video has been on the digital trends list for years now and isn’t going anywhere. A recent Cisco annual report projected that by this year, there would be almost an astonishing million minutes of video on the internet and that 82% of all web traffic would be from video.

Here is our lineup for the next big video trends for 2022

Tell Your Brand’s Story Through Video

2022 will continue to see video in the driver’s seat, however, there will be more of a focus on telling your brand’s story. Showcase your staff, your customers, your process – anything that can give customers a true feel of the experience they will receive if they engage with you. Your service or product is what you help your customers do and be. Bring that to life.

Say Hello to Vertical Video

According to MediaBrix, vertical videos have a 90% higher completion rate than horizontal videos, with less than 30% of mobile users watching videos horizontally. Optimizing your video and captions are a must for so many reasons, so try switching your horizontal videos you create to now become vertical. Lastly, don’t be shy to go live.

Tell Captivating Stories that Portray Your Customers

It is crucial to share captivating stories that portray customers and/or relate to your business in meaningful ways. One great example of brand story telling through video is PhRMA. Starting in 2017, PhRMA started releasing a series of video storytelling ads highlighting important new medical research to find cures for serious diseases such as cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s. Each video spotlights a researcher who is working in the field to help save lives. The videos tell captivating stories that portray customers. Together ALS, for example, begins with the touching plight of people suffering from this debilitating disease. From there, we see researchers discussing their effort to find a cure.

Incorporate a video strategy into your marketing plans and remember authenticity matters. Contact VGM Forbin if you’d like to explore more options for enhancing your brand and story online.