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Social 2.0: Rising to the Challenge of Change


The social media team at Forbin has been researching and strategizing ways to make our social program stronger and even more impactful for our clients. After months in beta testing, we are excited to announce our newest product: Social 2.0.

As you may have heard or learned from our last article, The Wild West of Marketing in 2018, Facebook has been updating and changing its algorithms. Due to these changes, we worked hard to adjust our strategy to better serve our clients. Social platforms will continue to evolve and in order to stay relevant, we will continue to tweak and improve our tactics in order to provide you a great value.

Social 2.0 Overview


  1. Social media is Pay to Play now. We’re putting more money into each client’s brand awareness, website traffic, and conversion goals.
  2. You will be receiving focused content designed specifically to address the goals you’ve determined are important to you.
  3. Through advertising funnels, pixel targeting, and a conversion-focused landing page (premium subscribers) we’ll get the content in front of the right audience and encourage them to take action.
  4. High-quality posts paired with quarterly motion graphics introduced into the page feed will boost engagement and spark interest.

How it Works

Check out the video to learn more!

Are you ready to start a new strategy with your social media plan?

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