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SEO Tips for HME Websites

SEO Tips for HME Websites

If you’re an independent home medical equipment provider, you know that it takes hard work to make sure your customers get the HME and DME supplies they need. You pride yourself on your customer service. So, how do you make sure you’re serving as many customers as possible? Your website is a critical tool that can attract new customers if you manage it properly. But what steps do you need to take to make sure your website sets itself apart from your competitors? With these tips, your site can take the next step to bring in more customers.

Mobile-Friendly Design

Our smartphones have become a critical tool in our everyday lives. We use them to communicate with our loved ones, order food and shop online. More searches are performed on mobile devices than ever before and sites that provide a strong user experience for mobile users will reap the benefits. Make sure your website features a mobile-responsive design that stacks well regardless of the device the user is viewing it on. That means you have a clear design that’s easy to navigate whether your users are using a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

Write Unique Content For Your Catalog

If your site includes an online catalog, you have a huge opportunity to separate yourself from your competitors if you are willing to do the work. Most HME providers use product descriptions directly from the manufacturer. While this ensures correct information, it also means that the content on your site is no different than anyone else. Writing unique, engaging product content that highlights the product’s features and specs with a strong call to action is a great way to make sure your product pages easily stand out.

Easy Checkout Process

If you have an eCommerce website, you need to make the checkout process as simple as possible. Every day, customers leave merchandise in their online shopping cart without completing their purchase because of a frustrating cart and checkout process. This means lost revenue and potentially losing a customer for life. Make sure you have a secure payment gateway and that your checkout has an easy-to-follow process. If possible, give your customers the ability to add their shipping and payment information on the same page to save on clicks. Each extra page represents an opportunity for the customer to abandon the transaction.

Getting started with search engine optimization can be overwhelming. If you’d like to talk to VGM Forbin about your online marketing needs, connect with our team!