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Search Engine Marketing Campaign Insights

SEM Campaign Insights 

We asked our industry expert, Joshua Schneiderman, to share his expertise when it comes to Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns.

Watch the video, here:

Here is a quick overview about VGM ’s service offerings with industry expert, VGM Forbin's Marketing Director, Joshua Schneiderman VGM ’s mission is to help your company grow. Whether you want to drive sales, improve process efficiency or expand your brand recognition, we collaborate with you to get the job done. We love helping our clients achieve their goals through marketing campaigns, website launches and IT solutions.

What type of SEM Campaigns does Forbin do for their HME customers? VGM  does SEM Campaigns for medical equipment, clinics, O&P and physical therapy.

Are you wasting money on HME Spend? You might be wasting thousands of dollars when you start up a new search engine marketing campaign. There are usually a lot of surprises in where your keywords show up for which searches, what gets those clicks and where your budget ends up being spent.

Make sure the money you’re putting through the platform is being spent well in ways that are liable to lead to new business.

What kind of Ad Group Structure do you use for ads? We use a single keyword ad group structure. Let’s dive right in and we will show you why we do that.

How do you run a report? Throughout our campaigns, we will run a report on the searches. What google searches led to our keywords? Note: Make sure you have a keyword column in your report. You will want a few indicators for your report's purposes.

Is there anything fishy happening in your report? Now is the time to exact match and exclude and then make your negative keyword list this way. Does broad match, phrase match or exact match do the right kind of excluding? You will want to apply across all accounts.

We’ve shared an example of our logic

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