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Carol’s Mastectomy Shoppe is a full-service women’s health provider that is dedicated to providing exceptional care and top of the line mastectomy products. Their goal is to assist all women and breast cancer survivors in the Salt Lake City, UT area. Carol’s Mastectomy came to VGM Forbin looking for a new website that would showcase their personalized women’s health services and custom products while ensuring that all individuals seeking mastectomy products would know that they can put their trust in the hands of the experts at Carol’s Mastectomy.

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“From a small business owner, my wife Shellie and I are grateful to VGM Forbin for helping us take our presence on the web and social media to the next level. As most small business owners would agree, we tend to wear many hats. Our struggle is to provide a consistent presence in all these avenues and VGM Forbin's team has helped us and we feel that they will continue to help even though they already have our business. We have been promised things with other hosting companies but once they have you as a customer things do not progress. They get busy with new customers and forget about the latter. We feel that VGM Forbin has and will continue to provide lasting service to help our business grow. Thank you.”

- Bob Stenquist, Carol's Mastectomy Shoppe LLC


  • Create a fresh online presence focused solely on women’s health
  • Incorporate a new mobile-responsive design
  • Provide a broad overview of the women’s health services available
  • Provide site users the opportunity to contact Carol’s Mastectomy Shoppe if they need additional assistance
  • Easily showcase mastectomy products via a customizable online catalog
  • Allow users the opportunity to discreetly schedule consultations

Process & Insight

The new Carol’s Mastectomy Shoppe website needed to be inviting and easy to navigate. VGM Forbin began by developing a sitemap and design mockup that incorporated the Carol’s Mastectomy Shoppe logo, colors and mission statement. This allowed the Carol’s Mastectomy Shoppe team to be involved in developing a website that offered a strong user experience as well as a cohesive design. VGM Forbin also developed new site content to more effectively highlight the personalized women’s health services, community involvement, mastectomy products as well as a patient resource center.

Because of the sensitive nature of Carol’s Mastectomy Shoppe’s mission, Forbin created a warm and inviting design and theme to leave visitors feeling good about working with Carol’s for some of the most intimate products and apparel available.

The Solution

With the launch of this new website, Carol’s Mastectomy Shoppe now has a website that allows all women who have been affected by breast cancer to browse mastectomy products and get in touch with other breast cancer survivors for a personalized approach to their care.

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