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At VGM Forbin, we know that a website is never truly finished. Once we launch a new website for a business, one of the greatest ways to see future success is by helping our clients continue to make updates to their site. This can be as simple as adding a page to feature a new service or as complex as integrating eCommerce functionality into your site, but one thing is clear – a stagnant site is not a healthy site.

Forbin takes the same approach to the web solutions we offer. Each day, our team works to put together the best possible web solution for our HME clients, constantly evaluating our product and looking for ways to make improvements. The dedication of our team has led to the release of our newest website platform for the HME industry, and we’re happy to introduce you to some of the most important upgrades we’ve made for PowerWeb™ 5.0.

Manufacturer-Verified Master Catalog

Your customers trust you to provide them with equipment from the best manufacturers so they can live comfortably and maintain their independence at home. With the PowerWeb™ verified master catalog, you can choose from a list of 18,000 products from 450 verified manufacturers, meaning all descriptions, specs and images have been approved by the products’ manufacturers.

The best part? It’s now much easier to upgrade your site to accept eCommerce orders. If you prefer to import your current product catalog, we can build an import tool that makes the process faster and easier than ever.

Accessibility, Security and Compliance

Working in the healthcare industry means your site needs to be accessible to people of all abilities while protecting any potentially sensitive information. PowerWeb™ 5.0 is designed to meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) standards set by the Americans with Disabilities Act. This means that whether a user is hearing-impaired, visually-impaired or has no disability, your site will deliver the information they need.

Your website’s security is our top priority. PowerWeb’s code has been third-party verified to meet HIPAA compliance guidelines to protect patient information. Each site is equipped with Forbin’s VGuard™ Intrusion Prevention System, which monitors your site to block cyberattacks and hack attempts and provides you with annual security audits.

Improved Site Speed

Site speed has become one of the most important organic ranking factors to search engines like Google. As more users continue to search the web on multiple devices, it is critical that your website loads quickly across all devices. Forbin has made updates to PowerWeb™ 5.0 to focus on a mobile-first design, which means your site is designed with mobile user experience and speed in mind while remaining responsive to the device the user is using, be it a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. We have reworked our code and design to focus on speed. Now, your site will maintain a great design while being streamlined for speed and user experience to ensure your customers can use your site on any device.

Enhanced User Experience in the CMS

Providing a great web experience for your customers is important. For you, that means your website showcases your products and allows you to connect with potential customers. For us at Forbin, it means providing you with a web solution that makes it easy for you to manage your website. PowerWeb™ 5.0 features an updated version of our VPanel™ Content Management System with several upgrades for you to enjoy:

  • Choose the page layout you want from our list of templates with a single click
  • Audit log to track a page’s revision history made by different users
  • Update the background images on the page based on your preference
  • Highlight featured products and videos from your online catalog
  • Add links and documents in the main navigation

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Our team is very excited about the enhancements we’ve made to PowerWeb™ and how they will change the way you manage your business’s website and web presence as a whole. If you’d like to speak with one of our account executives and schedule a demo of the new PowerWeb platform, fill out the form below.

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