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Personalize the Customer Experience with a Customer Portal

Personalize the Customer Experience with a Customer Portal

Personalization must look different moving forward. Why? Think about all the different experiences you have and what you get to personalize in those experiences. Here’s some help. Netflix: I watch when I want. Amazon: I shop when I want. Peloton: I workout when I want. AND, all of those experiences are personalized for YOU. When we talk about the rise of consumerism, this is what everyone is used to. It must be more than 2008 email marketing, Dear [first name]. Right from the greeting is where the personalization begins and is just getting started for our customers!

Google defines personalization as the act of tailoring an experience or communication based on information that a company has learned about a person. This is where customers will begin to feel more valued and will lead them to becoming a raving fan for your business.

A trend we are seeing to help with a personalized experience is customer portals. A portal is set up with each user account. Based on the profile information, behavior on the site, purchase history, and other data points, the portal can display custom messages, relevant resources, and special offers based on your individual customer vs. one-size-fits all. The customer benefits from personalized service, direct access to their information, multiple ways to communicate about their care or services, ability to make appointments, and much more.

Address the Problem Customers are Looking to Solve

Personalization in 2022 and beyond addresses the problem I’m looking to solve vs. my name and where I live.

Do you know what will make your customers come back for more? This is the million-dollar question. It is a personalized customer experience and a darn good one!

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Written by: Lindy Tentinger - President of VGM Forbin