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Our Very Own Wizard for VGM Forbin: Gregg Erickson

Forbin Spotlight

We’re excited to announce that Gregg Erickson is the VGM Forbin Employee Spotlight winner for the month of March 2022! Gregg is VGM Forbin’s System Engineer and is a integral part of the VGM Forbin team which is why he was named the latest recipient.

We've interviewed our winner so you can get to know him a little better. Here’s what he had to say!

  1. How long have you been working at VGM Forbin?
    2.5 years

  2. What is your role at VGM Forbin?
    Systems Engineer

  3. What's your favorite thing about your job?
    The "you're a wizard" moment when you fix a client issue. Especially when you do nothing, and the issue fixes itself

  4. If you could share one thing with a current client, what would it be?
    Call the helpdesk :)

  5. An interesting fact you may not know about me:
    Flying is my biggest fear

  6. Most importantly, if you’re stranded on an island what is one thing you would keep on you?
    A Wilson brand volleyball

  7. Cats or dogs?
    Dogs by a billion

Here are some examples of why his colleagues think Gregg has wizard-like abilities:

“Gregg is always there to help out on issues that no one can seem to find a solution to. He has also spent many nights and weekends getting a huge dealership project done and saved that company a large amount of money. No other employee is more deserving of some recognition than Gregg.”

“Gregg has always been there since my 1st day with VGM Forbin. Any questions or issues I have he is always there to help me out. He is a big part of our team and I'm glad to have a teammate/friend like him to reach out to.”

“The IT team closed $100K in service revenue last month and Gregg was a HUGE part of that. Gregg works his tail off to make VGM Forbin successful, even if that means nights and weekends. Thank you, Gregg, for all you do.”

Congratulations again, Gregg!

Gregg, thank you for continuously showing up and delivering when it comes to customers and our VGM Forbin team each day. You’re making a significant impact in your role!

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