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Let's Go Dancing: Why Your Small Business Needs a Partner in the Online Marketing Dance


Whether your only experience with dance comes from awkward middle school mixes or a wedding reception, you may have noticed that who you choose as a partner is key to a good experience. The same can be said with your marketing strategy.

Connecting with your dance partner is the foundation to any good performance. Without a good partner, you may find yourself dropped on the floor as you move out of sync. At VGM Forbin, we do our very best to know our clients and their stories. This connection enables us to waltz, foxtrot, salsa – whatever your style. We move in step with your world through our marketing efforts. This is our dance and let’s make it a partner dance. We’ll take you all the way to the big finale and the curtain drop.

Let's Dance

You’re not choreographing alone.

It’s difficult to be the solo artist. Deciding which platforms to be on, where to invest your money and when to hold back are difficult decisions to make. When you partner with a trusted online marketing agency, you receive proven strategies that make those decisions come easy. Don’t overthink it. Lean on us to choose your song and choreograph the moves. Once we’ve got that figured out, your products and services do all the dancing. 

We’re here for those big lifts.

Speaking of products and services – we’ll highlight yours. As your online marketing partner, we’re able to perform those big fancy lifts and turns that show you off. The instant you walk onto the online marketing stage, your audience will be captivated in your dance.

Show Me Off

The show will always go on.

When we say partner, we mean PARTNER. While you’re busy running your business, we’re hard at work adjusting strategy, tweaking content and maintaining your online reputation. We get it – you probably wear over 25 different hats while running your small business. We’re here to ease your mind and reduce your stress level. We’ll take that online marketing hat and wear it well.

The big finale will be nothing like you’ve seen before.

Whether your goal is to appear on the first page of Google, increase leads through form submissions, or improve audience engagement on social media, we’re here to make your dream a reality. We’ll hit all the moves and earn all the applause because when the song ends and our campaign is over, we’ll have delivered results.


Then we’ll press play again.

May I have this dance?