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IT and Customer Care Champion - Dan Whitmer

IT and Customer Care Champion - Dan Whitmer

We’re excited to announce that Dan Whitmer or Dan the man (he has many names) was recognized as the VGM Forbin Employee Spotlight for the month of September 2021! Dan is truly a superstar at the IT help desk and also helps on the web customer care side, too.

We interviewed Dan and this is what he had to say:

  1. How long have you been working at Forbin:
    Since late January 2020 (so about 1 year, 9 months).

  2. What is your role at Forbin:
    I’m Tier 1 support on the IT team, though I also do Tier 2 work when needed and will be transitioning Customer Care into our team soon and will be cross training other people how to do that job as well.

  3. What's your favorite thing about your job:
    Aside from our team and everyone in Forbin in general, the fact that management genuinely cares and respects me, as well as how flexible this place can be to work with my life outside work. There’s a lot to like so it’s difficult to choose.

  4. If you could share one thing to a current client about Forbin what would it be:
    The Forbin team works hard and puts a lot of effort into giving customers the best possible results we can, and the results should show that.

  5. An interesting fact you may not know about me:
    I’ve been practicing a Brazilian martial art called Capoeira for the past 11 years.

  6. Most importantly, if you’re stranded on an island what is one thing you would keep on you:
    Probably a fully charged satellite phone to get off the island.

  7. Last, but not least: Cats, dogs or both?
    Cats, but only by a slight margin.

Here’s why a couple of colleagues from Forbin think Dan is awesome:

Here’s why Steve thinks Dan should be our spotlight: “Dan truly goes above and beyond. He works through lunch and after hours just to make sure our clients are taken care of. He is able to brighten anyone's day in the office, as well as on the phones. Dan is a valued member of the team and we are grateful to have someone this awesome.”

Mallory also added, “Dan is an IT and Customer Care champion! He's amazing with clients and gives his all every day. Dan's always willing to help out wherever needed, and he's definitely saved my butt on numerous occasions. (Thanks Dan!!!)”

Colleagues really had a lot of kind things to say about Dan and his character.

Thank you again, Dan!

Congrats to Dan and a sincere thank you to him for continuously showing up and delivering when it comes to customer service each day.

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