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Integrations to Enhance Your eCommerce Website

Integrations to Enhance Your eCommerce Website

There’s more to having an eCommerce website than making sure your catalog is up to date and that you have a user-friendly shopping cart. At VGM Forbin, our focus is on making sure your eCommerce website is usable for you and your customers. With our custom integrations, your eCommerce website can help you serve your customers better.

Brightree Integration

You’re likely already using software to manage your customer information for their ordering needs. Forbin can connect to your internal management software using an Application Programming Interface (API) connection. This allows multiple systems to exist together to streamline your ability to look up customer information and push orders through your system.

Fulfillment Integration

Order fulfillment is critical to any eCommerce business. Automating the fulfillment process saves your employees time and reduces your cost. This ensures your orders are picked, filled and shipped correctly to your customer once orders are placed. Forbin can provide a fulfillment EDI for McKesson, NDC or VGM Fulfillment. This integration will provide your customers with status updates on their orders. If necessary, custom integrations can be done for other manufacturers or fulfillment centers.

Insurance Verification Integration

Many of your customers may be using insurance to pay for the products they’ve purchased. With Forbin’s insurance verification integration, you’ll be able to designate products in your catalog as insurance eligible. When a customer places an order for insurance eligible products, they will be asked to provide proof of insurance that your staff can then verify before approving the order. Once the insurance verification is completed, you will be able to:

  • Update the percentage of the order covered by insurance
  • Indicate if shipping or tax should be applied
  • Submit information about insurance coverage that will be sent to your customer

Avalara Tax Integration

Forbin has partnered with Avalara to make it easier to calculate taxes based on where orders are placed. Once you’ve created an account with Avalara, Forbin can connect an API to your site that will calculate the taxes of an order based on the location of the user. This ensures compliance without user intervention, automating your processes to make sure transactions are taxed accurately.

To learn more about how VGM Forbin can provide these integrations to improve the way you utilize your eCommerce website, please connect with one of our account executives. You can get started by completing the contact form below.