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How to Keep Your Budget on Track for Digital Marketing

How to Keep Your Budget on Track for Digital Marketing

It’s halfway through the year, is your budget on track? How do you ensure you’re setting your business up for success in the second half of 2022, while using the results of your existing marketing campaigns? Now is the time for a mid-year marketing evaluation. Are you hitting the goals you previously set? We’ll help you answer these questions below.

Let’s Evaluate the Data

Before you dig into your data, you must capture the right information. A detailed marketing plan is a surefire way to help achieve your goals and allow others on your team to be accountable for them.

Gather a list of all the marketing efforts you have completed through January. Then, identify your key data points. Depending on the marketing channels you’ve put your efforts into, the results will vary depending on what data points you’ll need to focus on.

Identify Key Data Points

  • SEM ad impressions and click through rates
  • Email open rates and click through rates for email marketing
  • Social media engagement such as likes or shares that lead to clicks to your website

Do you have successful marketing campaigns that you should allot more money to in order to increase your conversions? If you have successful campaigns, continue with what is working well. What made that campaign succeed? Repeat it.

Stick to the Budget

It’s also important not to overspend your digital marketing budget. Compare your actual expenses from the last 6 months against your estimated projections. Prioritize your goals, consider all your objectives and let them help guide your spending.

We Can Help

Contact our team if you’d like to chat about your digital marketing needs for the remainder of 2022! We are happy to help assist your team with their digital marketing budget and cost-effective marketing services you can focus on. You’ve got time to get a strategy in place over the next six months and start making some waves.