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Have a Question? Here's Who to Ask!

Author: Mallory Wohlford, Customer Care Specialist

While Forbin Customer Care is always happy and available to assist with any request you send, it might save some time to direct your question directly to the people with the answer! In this blog, we look at some of the specifics that your Forbin contacts can help with, along with how to get in touch with them.

Contact Your Sales Representative if…

Your sales representative is an excellent source for all things involving pricing and questions about potentially larger projects. Our sales representatives are experts in quoting how much certain projects and upgrades will cost and can discuss your different available options. Sales Representatives are also knowledgeable in information about your contract with Forbin and can answer questions related to your account and Performance Plan. Wondering how much it will cost to upgrade your site, or what your options are for an asset or module? Your sales representative will be happy to assist!

If you’re unsure of who your Sales Representative is, feel free to email to get their name and contact information!

Contact Our IT Team if…

Our incredible IT team handles items regarding the network, servers, email platforms, and issues with desktop computers, laptops and phones. Some of the most common IT help desk topics include DNS record changes, SSL certificates and domain registrations and upkeep. Any type of Server Error to appear when you’re trying to use your website can also be directed to our IT department. For example, the most common server error, is an HTTP 500 Error which will display when an error occurred but the system could not determine why. Wondering when your domain will be renewed, or have changes to your DNS records? Or perhaps you need assistance in setting up your email accounts? Our IT department will be ready to help!

IT Help Desk Contact Information:
(888) 641-6416

Contact Forbin Customer Care if…

Forbin Customer Care is the wonderful catch-all for any website issues, changes, or updates! When in doubt, it’s always safe to send in requests and issues into, and you will be directed to the proper parties if we are unable to assist you ourselves. Customer Care is your go-to for questions regarding VPanel or smaller website updates and changes, as well as Page Errors or adding/removing code from your site.

Customer Care Contact Information:
(877) 659-5241