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Diving Deeper into Google Analytics Audience Reports

Diving Deeper into Google Analytics Audience Reports

Google Analytics stats are important to track, but where do you start? Google Analytics provides a robust amount of information on your site for you to use to make strategic decisions for your business.

Here are important stats to track in Google Analytics Audience Reports. If you’d like to get more details on a specific report, you can pull up specific reports by searching under the audience tab. Audience reports tell you about your website users so you know who to target and what new opportunities you may have. This is essential to all marketing efforts.

  1. Demographics: Age and Gender
    What demographic of users are coming to your site such as age or gender?

  2. Geo: Location
    Whether you’re a small or large business, it’s important to see where your audience is coming from. Use it to grow your business and uncover new markets.

  3. Technology: Browser and Operating System (OS)
    This technology report will share valuable information about the user and what browser and OS the customer uses to visit your website.

  4. Mobile Devices Used
    On the audience tab, this is a way for a business to see the percentage of users that are on mobile devices. How are people coming to your site and what are they using?

  5. Behavior: New vs Returning Users, Frequency & Recency, Engagement
    In Google Analytics, a user is a visitor who has initiated a session on your website. For example, the moment a person lands on any page of your website, they are immediately identified as either a new or returning user.

    Google Analytics Frequency & Recency Report is ideal for analyzing visits to help you plan your marketing strategies or gain other insights about visitors to your website. This data counts how many new visitors or repeat visitors there have been to your site. Are there any themes you can take note of from the data?

    Using the Google Analytics audience engagement metrics will help your business monitor and analyze your website traffic.

    The audience metrics we’ve displayed above will help you figure out your marketing strategy, what works and why.

Do you want to dive even deeper into Google Analytics for your business? Contact us to get help from our experts at VGM Forbin!