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Developing Effective Content Strategy: Al Strain

Developing Effective Content Strategy: Al Strain

We are thrilled to share that Al Strain has been recognized as the VGM Forbin Employee Spotlight winner for January 2023 by our president, Lindy Tentinger. Al is an exceptional team player and leader at Forbin, where he serves as our Senior Web Marketer and also contributes significantly to our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) program. He consistently goes above and beyond his duties, making him a valuable asset to our team. 

To help you get to know Al a little better, we had the pleasure of interviewing him. Here’s what he had to say: 

  1. How long have you been working at Forbin? 
    8.5 years. 

  1. What is your role at Forbin? 
    I’m a Senior Web Marketer. Basically, that means I work with clients to help them determine what will be an effective content strategy for their web presence. That can be anything from writing fully new content for their website or focusing SEO to help them improve their organic search presence.  

  1. What's your favorite thing about your job? 
    Every customer comes to us looking for ways to improve, and I like coming up with a strategy that will help them achieve their goals. People come to our clients during times when they need to make important decisions, and to be able to help our clients help their own clients is a fun challenge. 

  1. If you could share one thing with a current client about Forbin, what would it be?  
    Your website’s content is your most valuable asset. Content gets you discovered in an organic search. Content is what drives someone to complete a form on your website. Content is what keeps people engaged with your brand.  

  1. An interesting fact you may not know about me is that:  
    I love the theatre.  

  1. Most importantly, if you’re stranded on an island, what is one thing you would keep on you?
    ssuming I’m alone and can’t have something like a cell phone, I would go with a simple luxury like a good pair of sunglasses. I’d want music but anything that plays music will require a battery that will die. But a good pair of sunglasses allows you to see things on the horizon and will give you a fun tan line when you’re rescued.  

  1. If you could complete one thing on your bucket list, what would it be?  
    As a tortured Minnesota sports fan, I would like to watch the Vikings win their first Super Bowl in person. 

Here is what a colleague had to say about Al: 

Joshua said, "Al cares about the work he's doing. You get the very best he has on every project because it would drive him nuts to do anything less. He has been learning and sharing so much with our team. It's awesome to have him as a resource, and I look forward to working with him to make our SEO program the most effective it can be. Plus, he has taken on some of our marketing clients' strategy management. That's huge for what we're doing with our services." 

Congratulations to Al! 

We couldn’t do what we do at VGM Forbin without you, there is no doubt about that! We sincerely appreciate the work you do every day at VGM Forbin and for our clients. 

Stay tuned to our upcoming blogs as we see who secures VGM Forbin’s Spotlight for February.