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Customer Database Is King

Customer Database is King

The past two years accelerated and forever changed the digital world across the board. Both customers and employees are demanding more: seamless omni-channel experiences, convenience, reassurance and commitment to environmental, social and governance (ESG) values. For marketers, there is now more than ever a chance for a blank slate. Many companies are taking advantage and re-inventing their brands and how they engage customers. According to Forrester’s 2022 Predictions: “2022 is a year to be bold. The old ways of working no longer work. The future is up for grabs.”

In tough times growth comes from being important in the lives of our customers. The great thing about this space is YOU ARE vitally important in your customers’ lives. This has never been more apparent. Customers are hungry to interact and will stay loyal to those that help them improve their quality of life. The Amazons and Walmart's of the world cannot compare to this. Take advantage and make sure your customers know what you offer and show them a great experience.

The thing that’s changed the most about marketing is how people choose to become customers. The trends covered in this article are focused on things you can do for your business that can be implemented rather quickly and will make the biggest impact on your customers’ choice to utilize your services.

Deliver an Omni-Channel Experience

According to McKinsey, the COVID-19 Pandemic will drive long-term changes for 65% of consumers that are looking for an omni-channel experience when it comes to their purchasing behavior and decisions. Many want the ability to purchase online, yet an in-store option to see/feel/experience products. Major players like Amazon are even experiencing longer lead times and deliveries as a result of higher demand among consumers who are placing a premium on the safety and convenience of having products delivered directly to their homes.

First and foremost, continuing to build and clean up your customer database is essential to move forward. If you focus on nothing else, take the time to ensure you are building a database, asking for the right data points and showing value to customers in how you engage at any point in their experience. You can influence subscribing by demonstrating value. Then, launch a targeted, personalized communication and content strategy based on the make-up of the customers you’ve discovered and captured (more on that in a future blog post).

You can no longer force your attention; you must be invited in.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you during this time of change and what your customers want, please contact us.

Written by: Lindy Tentinger - President of VGM Forbin