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Add-Ons to Enhance Your Customers Ecommerce Experience

As obvious as this may seem, eCommerce websites should be focused on driving as many sales as possible for your business. More sales means more revenue, and more revenue comes when your customers can make purchases easily on your site. But are you giving your customers the ability to make ordering more products as easy as possible?

There are several upgrades you can make to your eCommerce platform that improve the user experience of your site while encouraging your customers to order more products. With these add-ons, your website becomes more valuable for your customers, which in turns provides more value to your business.

CPAP Refill Form

Patients who utilize CPAP supplies know that many products required for consistent sleep therapy need to be replaced regularly. The CPAP resupply form allows your customers to easily provide their information to get their products refilled using the information that you already have on file.

The CPAP refill form can be used to resupply products like:

  • Filters

  • Tubing

  • Mask components

  • Cleaning supplies

Reorder Forms & Subscription Ordering

Many home medical equipment and home healthcare items require regular orders. From disposable supplies that run out, to hardware that needs to be replaced every few months, giving your customers to ability to simply re-order these supplies or sign up for a subscription for these items through your website makes life easier. Not only does it take the hassle out of ordering product for your customers, but it sets you up with regular revenue that you can depend on each month. Products that are ideal for subscription ordering include:

  • Incontinence supplies and diapers

  • Diabetic supplies and glucose test strips

  • Cleaning supplies

  • Personal care and skincare items

Similar Products Feed

If customers are already placing an order on your site, you already know they’re willing to spend money with you. With a feed that shows similar products, your users can be encouraged to purchase:

  • Products that are similar to items they’ve shown interest in or already added to their cart

  • Products that will enhance a product they’ve already shown an interest in. For example, showing a cushion that is set to match a certain type of CPAP mask.

Allowing your customers to order associated products give you the chance to capitalize on users who are already to make a buying decision, and gives you the opportunity to turn a single-item sale into something bigger.

All of these add-ons are available on VGM Forbin’s eCommerce platform. If you’d like to learn more about how you can add these enhancements to your eCommerce website, please complete the form below to connect with one of our account executives.