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5 Email Marketing Best Practices that Actually Work

5 Email Marketing Best Practices that Actually Work

Engage current customers or attract new potential ones with an email marketing strategy that puts your messaging right into your audience's inboxes—begging to be opened. Easier said than done, right? When email marketing is done successfully it will slowly trickle your brand’s story over time, build awareness, increase incoming traffic and bring substantial leads to your doorstep.

VGM Forbin’s Top Email Marketing Best Practices that Drive Results

  1. Increase Your Deliverability with a Buyer Persona
    Learning the behaviors of your audience is critical. You can get a better read on your audience once you continue with a buyer persona. A buyer persona is knowing the ins and outs of our customers such as their demographic, economic status, buying motivations and more. Realizing the right way to email your customers will help with increased open rates and clicks and will establish a decrease in your unsubscribed list. There’s a variety of ways to segment the list once you've learned more about the buyer persona and done your due diligence.

    You can also increase your email deliverability by going through a quality email list and lowering the chances for customers to opt-out of your email communications.
  2. Personalization
    Personalization is a wonderful strategy to implement in your email marketing—whether it’s adding the customer’s first name in a subject line or throughout the email. According to Campaign Monitor, when you add personalization to the email, it will have a 26% increase in your open rate. If you have not personalized your emails yet, what are you waiting for?
  3. Concise Messaging and Creative Email Design
    Entertain your customers with a clever message while intriguing them with beautiful graphics and a clear call to action. Over 20% of marketers surveyed say that email design is improving their email engagement, according to Hubspot.

    Don’t forget about mobile responsive emails! More people continue to open emails on mobile devices. It’s important that your responsive email design incorporates a simple layout and doesn’t need to be too graphic or content-heavy. Let’s make sure these emails are ready to be viewed by testing on your phone.
  4. Intriguing Subject Line and Pre-Header
    Spend extra time when it comes to the subject line and pre-header. Adding a pre-header is often forgotten in an email so when you do add a pre-header, make sure it works cohesively with the subject line. It’s also a way to make people curious about the email that has landed in their inbox. You can put hours into creating an amazing email, newsletter or other digital communication but if your customer doesn’t open the email, it has gone to waste. Will your email be opened or ignored? That is the question. While we’re on the subject, let’s move on to creating multiple test lines.
  5. Monitor and Improve Your Email Marketing Campaign through A/B Testing
    A/B testing is basically known as split testing, which is a method of creating two versions of an email. You can do this by testing one version of the email with one group and sending a different version to another group of recipients. You’ll need to come up with two creative subject lines for your A/B testing. Your marketing team will need to continuously monitor your A/B tests and the results. This won’t happen overnight, but it is something you need to work towards to get better open rates. You can continue to increase your open rates by adding personalization in the A/B testing—such as personalized subject lines.

How VGM Forbin Marketing Experts Can Help

What are the best ways to keep your customers engaged and coming back? The answer is email marketing. This online marketing solution is worth your time. Let VGM Forbin help you reach your goals for 2023 by adding email marketing services to your marketing strategy. Contact our team today!