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At Forbin, we have applied our years of experience in HME web design to successful web solutions for HME providers. Starting with the ever evolving PowerWeb, a comprehensive HME website package, VGM Forbin has developed additional tools such as the Forbin Hospice Portal, HME Ecommerce and Social Media Performance Plans specific to HME.

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  • PowerWeb


    HME business package featuring a catalog with preloaded products, Patient Resource Center and more.

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  • Hospice Portal

    Hospice Ordering Portal

    HME website portal allowing Hospice partners to submit orders managed efficiently online.

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  • Ecommerce

    Ecommerce Solutions

    Secure online store built to fit your industry whether it’s HME, clothing, automotive parts or industrial.

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Specialty Medical Sales case study. See what the objective is, the solution we proposed and what the client thought.

Specialty Medical Sales


Specialty Medical Sales is a locally owned home medical equipment provider that serves North Texas.


Develop an online presence in order to be found by caregivers, patients and other referral sources as a source for home medical equipment, as well as to boost their online marketing activities.


A PowerWeb 3.0 site featuring an online catalog to create leads, a blog, social media marketing to build a relationship with potential customers and create leads and search engine marketing to help drive traffic to the website.

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Client Feedback

"The blogs and the newsletters with the appropriate content is what we're excited about. It takes a professional staff to be able to write that kind of content. The other thing is that people like Christina, who has been with me since day one, there is a real rapport there. Things that I don't grasp or understand, she can explain it."– Tom Polston, President, Specialty Medical Sales

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